In October, the National Center for Employee Ownership released the 2021 Employee Ownership 100, an annual list of the 100 largest companies that are majority owned by a broad-based group of employees.

According to the NCEO, the vast majority of the companies on the 2021 Employee Ownership 100 have an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), though the list also contains a worker cooperative and a few companies doing profit sharing or direct stock purchases. Companies range in size from 1,300 employees to over 200,000 and operate in a wide variety of industries including retail, construction, engineering, financial services, and manufacturing.

We are proud to see 15 Certified Employee-Owned members on the NCEO’s list:

#2 Penmac

#3 WinCo Foods

#8 Davey Tree

#37 KPH Healthcare Services

#41 Homeland

#52 TDIndustries

#55 Jasper Engines & Transmissions

#62 Mulberry Street Management Services

#64 Cooperative Home Care Associates

#64 Symbria

#74 SRC Holdings

#78 Brown and Caldwell


#90 AirBorn

#90 Newport Harbor

Congratulations to these Members! If you’d like to browse the full Employee Ownership 100, you can find the list on the NCEO’s website. A full list of Certified EO Members can be found on our Directory of Employee-Owned Companies.